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A-Z of GRC: Governance, Risk & Compliance Simplified, 2nd Ed. – Juta, 2024

Updated: Jul 3

Gibson, G. A-Z of GRC: Governance, Risk & Compliance Simplified 2nd Ed. – Juta, 2024.

ISBN: 9781485150961


About this publication:

“The new edition of A-Z of GRC: Governance, Risk & Compliance Simplified makes learning about   GRC simple, practical and entertaining. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie looking for a crash course, this book will teach you how to implement   GRC in today’s complex workplace. You will learn how to align your organization’s processes with its ethical values, risk appetite, internal policies and external regulations. You will also discover practical tools and frameworks to help you bring out the best in your organisation’s strategy, technology and people. Along the way, you will encounter real-life examples, case studies and tips that make   GRC fun and easy to understand.


A-Z of   GRC Second Edition is endorsed by the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and is further recognised as a Continuous Professional Development Recognised Publication. Don’t miss out on the chance to benefit from this useful resource, and be amazed at the power of   GRC to achieve organisational success.”



Chapter 1 – A World Of Rules

Chapter 2 – Models Of Company Ownership And Corporate Governance

Chapter 3 – Understanding Governance Risks

Chapter 4 – Types Of Risk And Practical Risk Tools

Chapter 5 – Compliance Risk Tools

Chapter 6 – Risk, Internal Controls And Enterprise Risk Management Frameworks

Chapter 7 – Risk Reaction And Bias

Chapter 8 – Compliance Risk And Creating A Compliance Charter

Chapter 9 – Disaster And Business Continuity In The GRC Process

Chapter 10 – Legislation, Regulators And Supervisors

Chapter 11 – The Sarbanes - Oxley Act Of 2002

Chapter 12 – The King Codes

Chapter 13 – Data Protection And Relevant Legislation

Chapter 14 – Compliance In The Healthcare Sector

Chapter 15 – Compliance In The Banking Sector: Basel, Solvency And Sam

Chapter 16 – Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery And Anti-Corruption Standards

Chapter 17 – Corruption Laws And Standards

Chapter 18 – Compliance With Environmental Laws And Standards – The New Kid On The Block

Chapter 19 – Looking Into The Crystal Ball – Proposed Acts That Will Change GRC

Chapter 20 – Creating A Regulatory Universe

Chapter 21 – Using Internal Checks And Balances

Chapter 22 – GRC In The Digital Age

Chapter 23 – Codes, Policies And Procedures

Chapter 24 – Records And Reports

Chapter 25 – Phase 1: Ethical Considerations For Organisations

Chapter 26 – Phase 2: GRC Guide To Managing Ethical Conduct Codes In An Organisation

Chapter 27 – Communication Techniques For The Savvy GRC Professional

Chapter 28 – Leadership For The GRC Professional

Chapter 29 – Hr For GRC Professionals

Chapter 30 – GRC Training In The Workplace


Price: 967.00 (VAT included, delivery excluded).

The publication can be ordered from the Lexinfo Book Supply Service by sending an email to

Posted: 24 June 2024

Updated: 3 July 2024


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