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Amendments to Covid-19 Regulations and Directions

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Several amendments to the Covid-19 Regulations were published in November and early December 2020 in terms of the Disaster Management Act and other legislation.

Please note that Laws of South Africa at http://www.lawsofsouthafrica.up.ac.za/index.php/current-legislation provides consolidated versions of these regulations and directives. View the consolidations under Current Legislation – Disaster Management on the website provided. A Guide to Regulations and Notices is also provided on this website.

Juta also provides a useful subject index of COVID-19 legislation, guidelines, court directives and notices at https://juta.co.za/covid-19-legislation-update/

The latest amendments to regulations and directives are summarised here below:

Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002

Alert Levels and Hotspots:

· Determination of alert levels and hotspots: Nelson Mandela Bay.

GN1291 GG 43965 p3 03Dec2020


· Explanatory Note on Regulations issued 3 December 2020 in terms of the Act.

GN1292 GG 43966 p3 03Dec2020


· Regulations issued in terms of section 27(2): Amendment of RGN480 of 29 April 2020 as amended by RGN608 of 28 May 2020, RGN714 of 25 June 2020, RGN763 of 12 July 2020, RGN846 of 31 July 2020, GN891 of 17 August 2020, GN999 of 18 September 2020, GN1011 of 20 September 2020, GN1053 of 1 October 2020, GN1104 of 21 October 2020 and GN1199 of 11 November 2020.

Amendment of Classification of Regulations by the addition of CHAPTER 7: HOTSPOTS after Chapter 6; Substitution of Chapter 6; and Substitution of Table 4.

In operation at 00H01 on 4 December 2020, except for the exclusion in regulation 73(1) dealing with initiation practices in the Eastern Cape (except for areas declared as hotspots). which will come into operation on 17 December 2020.

GN1290 GG 43964 p3 03Dec2020


Consolidated version: http://www.lawsofsouthafrica.up.ac.za/index.php/browse/disaster-management/disaster-management-act-57-of-2002/regulations-and-notices/57-of-2002-disaster-management-act-regs-gnr-480-2020-12-04-to-date-pdf/download


· Direction issued in terms of Regulation 4(7)(b), read with Regulation 75(2), (3) and (4) and Regulation 76(2)(a) and 76(5) of the Regulations made under section 27(2): Measures to address, prevent and Combat the spread of Covid-19 in the Air Services for Alert Level 1. Amendment of GN415 in GG 43160 of 26 March 2020 as amended by GN438 in GG 43189 of 31 March 2020, GN615 in GG 43375 of 30 May 2020, GN726 in GG 43493 of 2 July 2020, GN814 in GG 43550 of 24 July 2020, GN662 in GG 43651 of 25 August 2020, GN969 in GG 43695 of 9 September 2020, GN997 in GG 43717 of 16 September 2020 and GN1032 GG 43752 of 01Oct2020.

Substitution of direction 5: International flights and domestic flights; Amendment of Direction 5A by deletion of

subdirections (1) and (2). Directions in operation on date of publication.

GN1279 GG 43956 p3 03Dec2020


Consolidated version: http://www.lawsofsouthafrica.up.ac.za/index.php/browse/disaster-management/disaster-management-act-57-of-2002/regulations-and-notices/57-of-2002-disaster-management-act-regs-gn-415-2020-12-03-to-date-pdf/download

Correctional Centres and Remand Detention Facilities

· Directions for Alert Level 1, to address, prevent and combat the spread of COVID-19 in all correctional centres and remand detention facilities in the Republic of South Africa in operation on the date of publication.

RGN1197 GG 43894 p3 10Nov2020


Entry into and Exit out of RSA; Quarantine; Self- isolation; Repeat test; Cargo and Passenger Vessel Crew.

· Directions issued in terms of Regulation 4(10) of the Regulations made under section 27(2) by the Minister of Health: Measures to prevent and combat the spread of Covid-19. Amendment of GN796 of 17 July 2020 as amended by RGN868 of 7 August 2020: Amendment of paragraphs 10, 11, 19, 21, 21A; Substitution of paragraphs 16, 17, 18, 21B, 21C, 23; and Deletion of paragraphs 20, 24. Relates to measures when tested positive but is asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic; measures when person dies at home; conveyance of mortal remains, exiting SA, the cost of quarantine; self-quarantine and self-isolation protocols; designation of quarantine facilities; repeat test; cargo and passenger vessel crew.

Directions come into operation on the date of publication.

GN1278 GG 43954 p3 03Dec2020


Consolidated version: http://www.lawsofsouthafrica.up.ac.za/index.php/browse/disaster-management/disaster-management-act-57-of-2002/regulations-and-notices/57-of-2002-disaster-management-act-regs-gn-796-2020-12-03-to-date-pdf/download

· Directions issued in terms of Regulation 4(8) of the Regulations made under section 27(2) by the Minister of Home Affairs: Measures to prevent and combat the spread of Covid-19. Amendment of GN416 in GG 43162 of 26 March 2020, as amended by RGN518 of 9 May 2020, GN664 of 10 June 2020, RGN763 of 12 July 2020, GN843 of 31 July 2020, GN923 of 25 August 2020, GN1028 of 30 September 2020 and GN1142 of 23 October 2020. Seventh Amendment Directions: Repeal of paragraph 23A and insertion of paragraph 23B. Repeals a requirement for ministerial approval before visiting SA for business purposes (direction 23A in a directive issued on 30 September); and aligns existing entry and exit requirements with those published in GN1278 of 3 December 2020.

GN1277 GG 43953 p3 03Dec2020


Consolidated version: http://www.lawsofsouthafrica.up.ac.za/index.php/browse/disaster-management/disaster-management-act-57-of-2002/regulations-and-notices/57-of-2002-disaster-management-act-regs-gn-416-2020-12-03-to-date-pdf/download


· Directions issued in terms of Regulation 4(7)(b), read with Regulation 75(6) and (7), of the Regulations made under section 27(2): Measures to address, prevent and combat the spread of Covid-19 at Sea Ports for Alert Level Amendment of GN496 in GG 43275 of 04 May 2020 and amended under GN895 in GG 43629 of 20 August 2020 and GN1033 in GG 43753 of 01 October 2020.

Amendment of direction 6 by substitution for subdirection (4); and Insertion of direction 7A: Small craft to call at designated South African commercial ports. In effect on date of publication.

GN1280 GG 43957 p3 03Dec2020


Consolidated version: http://www.lawsofsouthafrica.up.ac.za/index.php/browse/disaster-management/disaster-management-act-57-of-2002/regulations-and-notices/57-of-2002-disaster-management-act-regs-gn-496-2020-12-03-to-date-pdf/download


· Directions issued in terms of Regulation 4 (7)(b) of the Regulations made under section 27(2) Measures to address, prevent and combat the spread of Covid-19. Determination of extension for the validity period of Learner’s Licences, Driving Licence Cards, Licence Discs, Professional Driving Permits and Registration of Motor Vehicles for Alert Level 1. Amendment of GN544 in GG 43339 of 20 May 2020 and amended under GN802 in GG 43539 of 22 July 2020.

Amendment of Direction 6. In effect on date of publication.

GN1281 GG 43958 p3 03Dec2020


Consolidated version: http://www.lawsofsouthafrica.up.ac.za/index.php/browse/disaster-management/disaster-management-act-57-of-2002/regulations-and-notices/57-of-2002-disaster-management-act-regs-gn-544-2020-12-03-to-date-pdf/download

Social Development:

· Directions issued by Minister of Social Development in terms of Regulation 4(10) of the regulations made under section 27(2): Measures to prevent and combat the spread of Covid-19. Amendment of directions published in GN430 in GG 43182 of 30 March 2020, as amended by RGN455 in GG 43213 of 07 April 2020, RGN517 in GG 43300 of 09 May 2020, GN727 in GG 43494 of 02 July 2020,GN762 in GG 43520 of 10 July 2020 and GN853 in GG 43588 of 06 August 2020. Amendment of paragraph 6 relating to Temporary disability grants; and Extension of social relief grant. In operation on date of publication.

BN131 GG 43866 p3 02Nov2020


Consolidated version: http://www.lawsofsouthafrica.up.ac.za/index.php/browse/disaster-management/disaster-management-act-57-of-2002/regulations-and-notices/57-of-2002-disaster-management-act-regs-gnr-430-2020-11-02-to-date-pdf/download

The following notices were published in terms of the Electronic Communications Act and Labour Relations Act.

Electronic Communications Act 36 of 2005

Amendment of Information and Communications Technology (“ICT”) COVID-19 National Disaster Regulations. GenN678 GG 43945 p3 27Nov2020


Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995

Withdrawal of the COVID-19 Temporary Employee/Employer Relief Scheme Directive, published in GG 43693

on 07 September 2020 with effect from 15 October 2020.

RGN1270 GG 43943 p3 27Nov2020


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