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Devenish on Interpretation - Vol I: Statutory Interpretation 2nd Ed. – Juta, 2024.

Updated: Jul 1

Devenish, G. Devenish on Interpretation - Vol I: Statutory Interpretation 2nd Ed. – Juta, 2024.

ISBN: 9781485133643


About this publication:


“Devenish on Interpretation: Statutory Interpretation is the first volume of a two-volume tome that can be considered a comprehensive update of 1992’s The Interpretation of Statute. This volume is devoted, inter alia, to the case law, principles, theories, methodology and maxims of the interpretation of statutes in accordance with the values set out in the Constitution, illustrated by appropriate case law.


Devenish on Interpretation: Statutory Interpretation includes important discussions on the deontic nature of legal reasoning involved in the interpretation of statutes and the Constitution, clarity of expression and its impact on interpretation of statutes, as well as the cognate doctrine of overbreadth.”




Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts and the Historical Roots

Chapter 2: Theories of Interpretation

Chapter 3: Restrictive Interpretation

Chapter 4: Extensive Interpretation: Some Anomalies in the South African Approach

Chapter 5: Internal Aids to Construction

Chapter 6: External Aids to Construction

Chapter 7: Statutory Multilingualism as An Aid to Construction in Terms of the South African Constitution

Chapter 8: The Presumptions of Interpretation

Chapter 9: The Status of Acts Performed Contrary to

Chapter 10: Analysis and Critique of the Interpretation Act of 33 of 1957 439

Chapter 11: The Nature of Legal Reasoning Involved in Statutory and Constitutional Interpretation 483

Chapter 12: The Reconciliation and Resolution of Conflicting Statutory Provisions 525

Chapter 13: Clarity of Expression and Doctrine of Overbreadth

Price: R 1026.00 (VAT included, delivery excluded).

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Posted: 26 June 2024

Updated: 1 July 2024


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