• Adami Geldenhuys

Domestic Violence Amendment Act 14 of 2021

The Domestic Violence Amendment Act 14 of 2021 was published in government gazette number 45824 on 28 January 2022.

The long title describes the purpose of the Act as follows:

"To amend the Domestic Violence Act, 1998, so as to—

  • amend and insert certain definitions;

  • further provide for the manner in which acts of domestic violence and matters

  • related thereto, must be dealt with;

  • further regulate protection orders in response to acts of domestic violence;

  • amend provisions of certain laws; and

  • provide for matters connected therewith."

The Act will come into operation on proclamation, except for Section 19A which comes into operation on the date of publication.

View a copy of the Act here below:

GG 45824 28 Jan 2022
Download PDF • 964KB

Image: Pixabay


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