• Adami Geldenhuys

Draft Amendments to Municipal Planning and Performance Management Regulations

The 2001 Municipal Planning and Performance Management Regulations (RGN796 in GG 22605 of 24 August 2001) published in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000, are currently being reviewed by the Department of Cooperative Governance (DCOG). A copy of the draft amendments is available on the Department’s website at: https://www.cogta.gov.za/cgta_2016/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Draft-Amended-2001-Municipal-Planning-Performance-Mangement-Regulations-for-public-comment.pdf

A notice was published in the government gazette (RGN2080 GG 46380 p13 20May2022) inviting comments on the Draft Amendment Regulations by 30 June 2022. The government gazette notice is available at:


The media release on the Department’s website at https://www.cogta.gov.za/index.php/2022/05/20/local-government-municipal-planning-and-performance-management-regulations-2001/ provides the following information on the Draft Amendment Regulations:

“The review of the Regulations is focused on the Municipal Planning component and is aimed at ensuring that there is greater alignment given the number of government policies and legislation, that have been enacted since 2001 which have implications on integrated development planning processes at a municipal level.

Furthermore, the review of the Regulations seeks to:

  • Strengthen the participation of provincial and national sector departments in the IDP processes.

  • Improve the alignment of planning and budgeting processes.

  • Strengthen the integration of municipal sector plans into the IDP.

  • Provide clarity on the IDP review and amendment processes.

  • Ensure alignment of requirements for Spatial Development Frameworks between the Municipal Systems Act and the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act.

  • Institutionalize long-term planning.

  • Regulate the prescribed timelines for the development of IDPs.”

Date posted: 25 May 2022

Image: Wix