• Danielle Geldenhuys

Draft Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill, 2021

Updated: Apr 11


The Bill mentioned in this post was subsequently introduced to the National Assembly.

View our blog post, Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill 2 of 2022 introduced to Parliament at https://www.lexinfo.co.za/post/basic-education-laws-amendment-bill-2-of-2022-introduced-to-parliament for more information.

A notice of intention to introduce the Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill, 2021 was published on 6 December 2021 under general notice 705 in gazette number 45601.

The explanatory summary published in the notice provides the following information:

“The Bill, proposes to amend the South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996), and the Employment of Educators Act, 1998 (Act No. 76 of 1998). Furthermore, the amendments are a response to court judgments that protect and give effect to the Bill of Rights. The Bill provides for system improvements in terms of admission of learners particularly admission of undocumented learners. It also provides for financial and public accountability frameworks for governing bodies and provincial departments.

The Bill further provides for additional Regulatory powers of the Minister, and enhancing decision making and oversight powers of Heads of Departments and Members of the Executive Councils. The Bill addresses provincial contextual needs relating to central procurement, home education, dispute resolution amongst other. The Bill proposes technical and substantive adjustments, clarify certain existing provisions, insert provisions which are not provided for in existing legislation and strengthen enforcement mechanisms for offences and penalties.”

View the document below.

Draft Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill, 2021 (GG45601 6Dec2021)
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Date posted: 13 December 2021

Updated: 20 January 2022