• Adami Geldenhuys, Mariza van Wyk and Barry Burger

Energy Law Update - July 2022

We share with you a selection of references on trending energy, mining and engineering law issues from the July 2022 editions of our weekly newsletter, the Lexinfo Energy, Mining and Engineering Law Alert.

Highlights include the following:

Government Gazette notices

  • Intention to introduce a price cap or a maximum price for Petrol 93 Octane published in terms of the Petroleum Products Act 120 of 1977. (GN2305 GG 47061 p106 22July2022)

  • The draft Regulations pertaining to the Exploration and Production of Onshore Oil and Gas Requiring Hydraulic Fracturing. (GN2273 GG 47112 p45 11Jul2022)

  • Proposed Regulations Pertaining to Financial Provisioning for the Mitigation and Rehabilitation of Environmental Damage Caused by Reconnaissance, Prospecting, Exploration, Mining or Production Operations. (GN2272 GG 47112 p3 11Jul2022)

Draft Bill


View the full update below:

Energy Law Update_Jul 2022Final
Download PDF • 322KB

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Image design: Daniélle Geldenhuys

Date posted: 29 July 2022


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