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The Law of Succession in South Africa. – 3rd ed. – Juta, 2023.

Updated: Jan 8

Hofmeyr, G and Paleker, M. The Law of Succession in South Africa. – 3rd ed. – Juta, 2023.

ISBN: 9781485107279

“The Law of Succession in South Africa is the third edition of this highly regarded work, providing a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of the law of succession. Building upon the substantial contributions of Mr Justice Corbett and Professor Ellison Kahn, the new edition brings the law up to date and includes commentary on new developments since the last edition.”

Partial contents:

  • Basic Concepts: The Legal Position of Executors, Heirs and Legatees: Adiation and Repudiation

  • Collation

  • Testamentary Succession[Testamentary Succession in General

  • Formalities and the Execution of Wills, Amendments of Wills, and Incorporation by Reference

  • Capacity to make a will and to witness a will

  • Capacity to Benefit under a Will or on Intestacy

  • Invalidity of Wills Generally: Mistake, Fraud, Duress and Undue Influence; Revocation and Revival

  • The Custody and Registration of Wills

  • The Appointment of Heirs and Legatees: Dies, Conditions

  • Vesting

  • Substitution

  • Legacies

  • Accrual

  • Fideicommissum

  • Special Fideicommissa, Modus, Prohibitions and Restraints on Alienation and Powers of Appointment

  • Usufruct, Usus and Habitatio

  • Trusts

  • Massing, Election and Continued Community of Property

  • Interpretation: Principles

  • Interpretation: Canons of Construction and Presumptions

  • Interpretation: Specific Words and Phrases

  • Intestate Succession

  • The Conflict of Laws in the South African Law of Succession

  • Litigation in Succession Matters

Price: R2,273.00 (hard copy) including VAT, excluding delivery.

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Posted: 27 March 2023

Updated: 8 January 2024



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