• Danielle Geldenhuys

Exploration Strategy for the Mining Industry of South Africa

The Exploration Strategy for the Mining Industry of South Africa (GN2026 GG 46246 p3 14Apr2022) and the Exploration Implementation Plan 2022 (GN2027 GG 46246 p20 14Apr2022) were published in the government gazette by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy.

“This strategy is designed to take South Africa on that path to bring back its shine in line with the green economy through the deployment of clean technologies.” The objective of the strategy is “To secure a 5% share of global exploration expenditure, catalyse mineral exploration to increase mining contribution to the economy of South Africa in the next five years.”

The purpose of the Exploration Implementation Plan 2022 is described as follows:

“This document presents a comprehensive implementation plan to catalyse mineral exploration in South Africa, secure more than 5% share of the global exploration expenditure within 3-5 years and bolster the mining sector’s contribution to the GDP, consistent with the “South African Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan”. The imminent economic recovery post-COVID-19, augmented by substantial growth in demand for both traditional and minerals of the future necessitate immediate implementation of this plan in order to leverage inherent value and prepares South Africa for the next commodities boom.”

The documents are available on the website of the Government Printing Works at


Date Posted: 19 April 2022

Image: Pixabay