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Key legal developments: Week of 19-23 February 2024

Updated: Mar 12

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Attorney Alert: 19 February 2024

Monday's edition includes content such as:


Employment and Labour Law Alert: 19 February 2024

This week's edition includes the following Labour Appeal Court judgment:


The following Labour Court judgments are also included:


References to several journal articles appear in this week’s edition, including:


Insurance Law Alert: 20 February 2024

This week's edition includes references to the following Financial Services Tribunal decisions:


A reference to the following journal article is also included:


Health Law Alert: 21 February 2024

Wednesday's issue contains the latest news and commentary regarding the criminalisation of medical errors, the Alabama Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos are considered ‘children’, and the National Health Insurance Bill.


References to the following journal articles are also included:

  • Gooden, Amy and Thaldar, Donrich. The regulation of health-related direct-to-consumer genetic tests in South Africa by the Medicines and Related Substances Act. – 2024 141(1) South African Law Journal p112

  • Moodley, K. Artificial intelligence (AI) or augmented intelligence? How big data and AI are transforming healthcare: Challenges and opportunities. – 2024 114(1) South African Medical Journal p16

  • Swart, Marno and Carstens, Pieter. The application of the doctrine of informed consent in South African medical law: Reflections on significant developments in the case law. – 2024 141(1) South African Law Journal p45


Energy Law Alert: 22 February 2024

Yesterday’s edition includes news and commentary on the looming gas shortfall, the

National State Enterprises Bill, the 2024 Mining Indaba, and bailouts to state-owned



References to the following Government Gazette notices are also included:

  • Electronic Communications Act 36 of 2005: Re-opening of submissions for written representations on the notice of intention to conduct an inquiry on the effects of Load Shedding and the regulatory relief measures the Authority may consider as it seeks ways to alleviate the impact of Load Shedding in the Electronic Communications Broadcasting, and Postal Sectors. Comments are invited by 1 March 2024. – GN4377 GG 50135 p3 16Feb2024

  • Occupational Diseases in Mines and Works Act 78 of 1973: Increase of Pension Benefits. – GN4387 GG 50138 p71 16Feb2024


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Date posted: 23 February 2024


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