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Labour Court Manual. – Juta, 2024.

Updated: Jul 3

Prinsloo, C and van Niekerk, A. Labour Court Manual - Juta, 2024.

ISBN: 9781485150855


About this publication:


"Labour Court Manual is a user’s guide to the Labour Court of South Africa. The book provides an overview of the history of the court and its jurisdiction. It is also a guide to the different procedures that apply, such as the various types of applications(including urgent applications), trial proceedings and applications for leave to appeal. A chapter on common topics presents an overview of matters common to all processes, including authority to act, settlements, condonation and contempt of court. The book further includes a brief overview of the law of evidence, followed by a chapter on the right of appearance and court etiquette. The book is intended to assist all those who appear in the Labour Court, including officials of trade unions and employers’ organisations, attorneys and advocates. While specifically intended for use by less experienced representatives, those who are more seasoned will no doubt discover nuggets of useful information, or appreciate the ready reference that the book is intended to be."


Price: R 427.00 (VAT included, delivery excluded).

The publication can be ordered from the Lexinfo Book Supply Service by sending an email to

Posted: 2 July 2024


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