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Marketing Solutions for Law Firms

The April, May and June editions of our Practice Management Alert referenced several marketing concepts including digital marketing, referrals, cross-selling and business development. Some of the content highlights are linked here below.

Silvia L. Coulter discusses how to grow and expand existing clients in Law Firm business development: top tips for client growth. This article was published on the JDSupra website on 28 June 2021.

Mark Saunders looks at the do's and don'ts of post-pandemic marketing in Law firm marketing during a pandemic: Helpful tips and strategies to avoid (Lawyer's Daily, 26 May 2021).

With marketing being done largely online, Seth Price offers Five Steps for lawyers to improve their digital marketing (Forbes, 26 April 2021) for time-pressed lawyers.

Cross-selling - The big win? Or the big bust? ( JDSupra, 25 May 2021) unpacks how law firms can achieve cross-selling more effectively, by exploring the role data and collaboration can play in growing and improving a firm’s client relationships.

Claire Rason explores the difficulties of cross-selling in The Top 4 reasons why cross-selling is so hard (The Impact Lawyers, 26 May 2021) and provides some tips to overcome this challenge. The article focuses on the following four issues: the lack of understanding what selling is; 2) the need to problem solve; 3) the wrong person doing the selling and 4) working in silos.

Google Reviews are playing an important part in businesses currently. The Industry insight webinar with Kenect | Master class: Google reviews for law firms offers valuable information on the importance of reviews and how to use Google reviews. The webinar was part of a series hosted by the American Bar Association. Watch Dealing with negative Google reviews in law practice (Law Technology Today, 7 May 2021) for advice on handling negative reviews.

The podcast by Nancy Myrland, LinkedIn changes that will help you stand out (JDSupra, 30 June 2021), offers insightful tips to make more of an impact on this significant professional platform.

An excellent book on the subject is Linkedin Marketing Techniques for law and professional practices by Marc W. Halpert, which is on our Lexinfo legal bookshelf. The second edition was published by ABA Book Publishing in 2021.

The book includes information on how to stay aligned with legal ethics guidelines, what attracts a recruiter to a professional practitioner's LinkedIn® profile, and how to use LinkedIn® as an integral part of any professional firm's marketing and branding strategy.

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