• Danielle Geldenhuys

New Edition of Administrative Law in South Africa

Updated: Apr 11

Hoexter, Cora & Penfold, Glenn. Administrative law in South Africa. – 3rd ed. – Juta, 2021. (ISBN 9781485135289)

Publisher’s summary: “This book offers a comprehensive account of South African administrative law with the emphasis on judicial review of administrative action. First published in 2007, Administrative Law in South Africa was soon established as a leading scholarly work in its field. The first and second editions by Cora Hoexter both attracted a remarkable number of judicial citations with approval.”

Partial contents:

· Introduction to Administrative Law

· The Control of Administrative Power

· Judicial Review

· Administrative Action

· Lawfulness

· Reasonableness and Rationality

· Procedural Fairness

· Reasons

· Standing

· Remedies and Procedures.

Price: R1,350.00 including VAT, excluding delivery.

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Date posted: 2 November 2021