• Danielle Geldenhuys

New Publication: Over-thinking the Protection of Personal Information Act

Updated: Apr 11

De Stadler, E. [et al.] Over-thinking the Protection of Personal Information Act: the last POPIA book you will ever need – Juta, 2021. (ISBN9781485136828)

Publisher’s summary: “Over-thinking POPIA contains everything you ever wanted, or didn’t want, to know about the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). It traces the origin of almost every word in POPIA and is packed with insights – some philosophical, some academic, some practical and some downright silly. Really, what does Dolly Parton know about contract management?

Just like the mighty octopus, this book has nine brains and eight arms, a frankly surprising level of intelligence, cunning disguises and loads of escape techniques. It shifts from meticulous comparative research to practical insight in seconds and covers every data privacy related topic imaginable – how to pronounce POPIA, what policies organisations should have, what reasonableness means, why consent is evil, when to apply for prior authorisation, how secure is secure enough, when is it okay to profile, where the word ‘spam’ came from, what Marié Kondo can teach us about records management and how hard it is to actually get fined R10 million (despite what all the legal professionals are saying).”

The following chapters are included in the book:

· POPIA’s place in the grand scheme of governance

· Laws and sausages: the purpose and interpretation of POPIA

· The application and scope of POPIA

· Who is held accountable for POPIA compliance

· Information security management

· Processing must be for a lawful purpose?

· Special personal information and children’s personal information

· Minimality and information quality

· Collecting and creating personal information

· Notification to data subjects

· Further processing of personal information (secondary use)

· Assessing sharing personal information between organisations

· Transborder information flows and extra-territorial application

· Profiling, automated decision-making and 1984

· Direct marketing

· Records management

· Data subject rights

· Enforcement of POPIA

· How to implement a POPIA programme

The chapter on Direct Marketing can be viewed here.

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The price is R675.00 including VAT. Delivery fee is excluded and will be quoted on request.

Date posted: 3 November 2021