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New Publication: The Legal Profession in South Africa: History, Liability & Regulation

Updated: Apr 11

Wessels, Bernard. The Legal Profession in South Africa: History, Liability & Regulation – Juta, 2021 (ISBN 9781485138068)

The Legal Profession in South Africa: History, Liability & Regulation includes the following chapters:

• The history and development of the legal profession in South Africa

• Legal relationships between legal practitioners and others

• Contractual liability of legal practitioners

• Delictual liability of legal practitioners

• Regulation of the legal profession through the Legal Practice Act

• Ethics and professional conduct

• Personal costs orders against legal practitioners

The publisher describes the book as the follows:

“The fundamental questions at the core of the book are: what are the duties that are imposed upon legal practitioners by contract law or otherwise, and under what circumstances can they be held liable towards clients and third parties? The most important provisions of the Legal Practice Act, as well as the Rules and Regulations issued under the Act, are set out and explained. The broader issues of legal ethics and professional conduct are considered along with the ethical and statutory duties of legal practitioners towards clients, the courts and their colleagues. ….

This book is aimed at anyone interested in the legal profession. It is an essential addition to the library of legal practitioners who will benefit from the discussion of various theoretical and practical issues related to the work they do. It is also a useful tool for law students who seek a better understanding of the legal profession.”

The book can be ordered from the Lexinfo Book Supply Service by sending an email to books@lexinfo.co.za

The price is R895.00 including VAT. Delivery fee is excluded and will be quoted on request.

Date posted: 29 October 2021


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