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New South African Law Books published during 2021

The following new South African law books were recently published. More information on these titles is available from our book supply service at books@lexinfo.co.za. Please note that prices quoted are only valid until 31 December 2021. VAT is included in all prices, but delivery fees are excluded and will be quoted on request.

Administrative Law

African Law

Civil Procedure

Constitutional Law

Corporate Law

Correctional Services


Employment Law

Environmental Law

Intellectual Property

International Law

Land and Property Law

Legal Education

Legal Profession

Persons and Family Law

Risk Management


Administrative Law

Quinot, Geo. Administrative Justice in South Africa: An Introduction. – 2nd ed. ­ Oxford University Press, 2021.

ISBN: 9780190744243

Publisher's summary: “Administrative Justice in South Africa 2e offers a clear, comprehensive and applied explanation of the principles and framework of administrative justice in South Africa. The text addresses both judicial and non-judicial means for control and enforcement, as well as procedural aspects of administrative law. Practical in its approach, the text provides valuable focus on the application of principles in case law, problem-solving methodology and specific procedural aspects of administrative justice.

The second edition includes a new, unique chapter that considers the implications of administrative justice for the creation of administrative mandates, as opposed to mere control of administrative action once taken, thus employing administrative justice in a more proactive manner.”

Price: R 598.95

African Law

Chirwa, Joseph. Commentary on public law in Zambia: law, politics and governance. – Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485136958

The book deals with the following topics: constitutional theory and practice – judicial independence – parliamentary procedure and practice – the Public Protector – proceedings against the state – the politics of state-owned enterprises – the executive authority – judicial review – the electoral process – institutions of good governance – constitutional protection of human rights – environmental law and policy – contempt of court – public interest litigation – the tribunal system – commissions.

Price: R395.00

Chirwa, J. A Concise Manual of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship in Zambia. – Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485136569

Publisher's summary: "A Concise Manual of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Law in Zambia covers the following topics:

⦁ history, origins and sources of immigration law

⦁ evolution of immigration and deportation law in Zambia

⦁ structure and functions of the Immigration Department

⦁ regulation of migration

⦁ types of permits

⦁ irregular migration and causes

⦁ human trafficking

⦁ refugee law

⦁ asylum law

⦁ citizenship law."

Price: R335.00

Ng’ambi, Sangwani Patrick and Chungu, Chanda. Contract law in Zambia. 2nd ed. – Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485137344

Partial contents: Introduction to the Law of Contract - Offer and Acceptance - Consideration - Intention to Create Legal Relations - Terms of the Contract - Exclusion Clauses - Misrepresentation - Duress and Undue Influence - Mistake - Void and Illegal Contracts - Discharge of Contract - Remedies for Breach of Contract

Price: R695.00

Civil Procedure

Harrison, Terry and Hussain, Ismail. A guide to eDiscovery in South Africa. – LexisNexis, 2021.

ISBN: 9780639012629

Publisher's summary: “The first text on this subject in Africa, A guide to eDiscovery in South Africa answers the call for expert guidance on this rapidly developing subject.

The title explains in understandable language what eDiscovery is, why we need it, how it affects dispute resolution and the risks and dangers of ignoring it. The publication looks at the effect of eDiscovery on Data Protection and Privacy, including cross-border litigation and particularly in the light of POPIA. A guide to eDiscovery in South Africa also looks at the rules of civil procedure in other jurisdictions and the current position in SA. Also included is a glossary of terms to be used as a permanent reference.”

Contents: Introduction to eDiscovery in South Africa – Using eDiscovery technology – Litigation database solutions – Working with a service provider – Cross-border litigation and data protection and privacy – Relevance of eDiscovery to social media and bring your own device – eDiscovery and case management – Rules of civil procedure – Ten do’s and don'ts of eDiscovery in South Africa – Authorities and case studies.

Price: R437.00

Constitutional Law

Wilson, Stuart. Human Rights and Transformation of Property. Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485138228

Publisher's summary: “In Human Rights and The Transformation of Property, leading human rights lawyer Stuart Wilson develops a novel theory of how law leads to social change and what the prospects are for South Africa’s Constitution to shape a more just distribution of property. Wilson questions long-held beliefs about the nature of land reform and the appropriateness of the concept of ownership as a way of organising access to land and property in South Africa.

The book gives an overview of key aspects of constitutional and common law property rights – including the rights of ownership, possession and eviction; the rights associated with leases and mortgages; the National Credit Act; and the PIE Act – and discusses how they interact. It shows how recent developments in the law of eviction, rental housing, mortgage and consumer credit have opened up new spaces in which unlawful occupiers, tenants and debtors are challenging the power of landlords and financial institutions to dispossess them. By triggering a radical restructuring of property law, Wilson argues, the Constitution may yet keep the promise of a South Africa that belongs to all who live in it.”

Price: R375.00

Corporate Law

King, Mervyn and Roberts, Leigh. The healthy company. – Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485137467

Publisher's summary: “The Healthy Company is a handbook for directors and executives – and those on their way to getting there. Leading a company today means managing the uses of its resources and relationships and how it deals with the resulting effects over time as these effects will come back to impact the company, negatively or positively, in the future. It is this circle of integrated thinking that is essential to a healthy and sustainable company. The book considers a company’s purpose and strategy under an integrated thinking approach. It also takes readers through a history of the company structure itself and the corporate revolutions that have happened along the way…The Healthy Company proffers four matters that should be discussed at every board meeting to keep directors informed and to cultivate better decision-making. A healthy company needs integrated reporting that reflects its integrated thinking approach. This reporting should be internal for management and the board, but should also result in the annual integrated report released to investors and other stakeholders. This book covers the best practice guidance on preparing an integrated report, with FAQs for directors and executives. The Healthy Company offers a seven-step process which focuses on integration and a healthy company for the longer term.”

Price: R345.00

Correctional Services

Luyt, WFM (ed). Unit Management in Correctional Facilities: Law and Administration. Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485136743

Publisher's summary: “The research was necessitated by a fundamental need to change the way in which South Africa deals with sentenced inmates. The country boasts one of the highest international recidivism rates. Instead of being a revolving door where shorter-term offenders circulate through the correctional system, or a warehouse where serious offenders are subjected to monotonous empty hours for a lifetime, all correctional systems should actively and meaningfully address recidivism. This means that correctional interventions must contribute to inmate empowerment, resulting in a life without crime.

Unit management proves to be a management tool that can facilitate such meaningful contribution. It has been implemented in some international correctional systems but limited international research, mainly from the USA, is available. With their research, the authors uniquely integrate correctional management fundamentals, law, organisational theory, and institutional administrative procedures into one research project. The research aims to lay a foundation for unit management implementation by addressing philosophy, international norms, processes, design, legal principles, risk management, human resources and correctional case studies. These contents deliver evidence of original research that stretches over more than a decade.”

Price: R750.00


Keith, Donald. Understanding Covid-19 Health and Safety Requirements in the South African Workplace. – Juta, 2021 (Juta’s Pocket Companions)

ISBN: 9781485137856

Publisher's summary: "This book explains the health and safety measures that employers are required to implement in the workplace to protect their employees and the public against COVID-19. It contains several checklists that systematically work through and simplify the applicable Directions issued by the Minister of Employment and Labour.”

Price: R195.00

Employment Law

Manning, Warren. The compendium of occupational health and safety: standards and guidelines. Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485137733

Publisher's summary: “Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is an essential service in both the public and private sectors, but its legislative framework is complex. In order to ensure compliance and gain the confidence of their clients, OHS practitioners engaged in the planning and implementation of OHS in the workplace must make recommendations that are based on solid factual foundations and codes of good practice.

Thorough knowledge of OHS standards and codes is crucial not only for OHS practitioners – such as health and safety representatives, safety officers, occupational hygienists, and occupational health and occupational medical professionals – but for all those who may be engaged in the OHS _eld, including employees, organisation management, and students taking OHS-related courses.

In response to this need for increased knowledge in the OHS _eld, The Compendium of Occupational Health and Safety Standards and Guidelines provides an up-to-date reference to the technical standards and guidelines relevant to OHS and includes a selection of international codes provided as a benchmark for the design of services.”

Price: R545.00

McGregor, Marié [et al.] Labour Law Rules! - 4th ed. – Siberink, 2021.

ISBN: 9781928309321

Publisher's summary: “This well-established labour law text has been updated to reflect the law as of September 2020. LABOUR LAW Rules! provides an accessible and clear discussion of all relevant labour, employment equity, social security and related legislation. The book brings law and practice together. The text is supplemented with visual aids, examples and case law to clarify concepts.

The book is aimed principally at students who engage with labour law for the first time during their BCom and LLB studies. The book will also be helpful for HR and IR personnel, project managers, supervisors and union officials.

The contents are divided into four parts discussing individual labour law, collective labour law, social security law and other labour laws.”

Price: R 486.00

Environmental Law

Du Plessis, A (ed.) Environmental law and local government in South Africa. – 2nd ed. – Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485137801

Contents: Key elements for municipal action – Instrumentation for local environmental governance – Municipal integrated development planning – Local economic development and pursuit of a green economy – Environmental rights protected in the Constitution – The regulation and mitigation of environmental pollution by local government – Conservation, sustainable use of natural resources and the notion of public trusteeship – Environmental law compliance and enforcement – Municipal service delivery and the environment – Co-operative government and the intergovernmental division of environmental powers and functions– Air quality management – Solid-waste management – Water services provision and the protection of water resources – Environmental health and municipal public health services – Land-use management and planning – Soil conservation and land management – Hazardous substances management and control – Biodiversity –Urban ecology – Marine and coastal management by local government – Heritage resources management – Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and resilience – Energy – Green building – Greening sustainable public procurement – Processes for action on utilities and environmentally related projects for sustained and effective local environmental governance.

Price: R1495.00

Intellectual Property

Ncube, Caroline B. Science, technology & innovation and intellectual property: leveraging openness for sustainable development in Africa. – Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485137658

Publisher's summary: “The book highlights how knowledge governance systems interface with national systems of innovation and impact development by arguing that open science can be used to meet new challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the grand developmental challenges of food security, disease and climate change. It emphasises the need to synchronise national development plans, STI and IP policies with the AU’s Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals, and it makes a case for how the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) IP Protocol may be used as a policy blueprint to guide AU member states in meaningfully nuancing their IP systems to support STI.

It will be of particular interest to researchers, practitioners and policymakers working in the areas of IP law, STI, sustainable development, regional trade and cross-border business. Those with a focus on current regional integration in Africa and the latest developments regarding AfCFTA will benefit immensely from the book’s discussion of the IP Protocol and the form it ought to take.”

Price: R595.00

Salmon, Owen. Intellectual Property Made Simple. – Siberink, 2021.

ISBN: 978-1-928309-34-5

Publisher's summary: “Trade marks, copyright, designs and patents involve different forms of intellectual property rights. In our daily lives, from the music we download, to photographs we post, to goods we buy and products we manufacture, intellectual property is present. However, their laws have terminology and concepts that can be difficult for us to understand. This book simplifies the nature, creation, and ownership of these different intellectual property rights. It explains the procedures for registration, and the remedies for enforcement, all in bite-size sections which are easy to read and simple to understand.”

Price: R498.00

International Law

Mwenda, Kenneth. Contemporary issues in international law. – Pretoria University Press, 2021.

ISBN: 9781920538958

Partial contents: Is international law really law? – Deep sea-bed mining under customary international law – Illicit financial outflows, debt and human rights – International law and the diplomatic immunity of corrupt diplomats – COMESA Court of Justice Rules of Procedure 2016: Regional integration and international law.

Free download here.

Land and Property Law

Horn, JG [et al.] Introduction to the Law of Property. - 8th ed. – Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485137849

“The purpose of this book is to provide a first introduction for an undergraduate student in property law. As with earlier editions this eighth edition of the Introduction to the Law of Property was written specifically for students in an undergraduate module on the law of property. Therefore, the contents are restricted to what the authors regard as essential for these students. Footnotes have not been used for the same reason; in an introductory module the emphasis should arguably fall on understanding basic concepts and principles, rather than on additional reading material. However, extensive use is made of examples from case law.”

Price: R545.00

NgCukaitobi, Tembeka. Land matters: South Africa’s failed land reforms and the road ahead. – Penguin Random House South Africa, 2021.

ISBN: 9781776095964

Publisher’s summary: “In his new book, Tembeka Ngcukaitobi tackles these questions, and more. Going back in history, he shows how Africans’ communal land ownership was used by colonial rulers to deny that Africans owned the land at all. He explores the effect of the Land Acts, Bantustans and forced removals. And he considers the ANC’s policies on land throughout the twentieth century, during the negotiations of the 1990s, and in government.

Land Matters unpacks developments in land redistribution, restitution and tenure reform, and makes suggestions for what needs to be done in future. The book also considers the power of chiefs, the tension between communal land ownership and the desire for private title, the failure of the willing-buyer, willing-seller approach, women and land reform, the role of banks, and the debates around amending the Constitution.”

Price: R280.00

Legal Education

Kleyn, D. Beginner's Guide for Law Students - 5th ed. - Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485136989

Publisher's summary: The fifth edition of Beginner’s Guide for Law Students is a foundational text which introduces first-year law students to:

• basic legal terminology and definitions;

• the South African legal system’s objectives, history and subdivisions; and

• legal research skills. Students are introduced to the law as it stands, in accessible terms, with reference to the different sources of law and popular media, to demonstrate how the law affects the everyday lives of individuals and groups in South Africa. Without detracting from the book’s accessibility, students are made aware of the law’s complexity, contestability and uncertainties. "

Price: R1131.00

Legal Profession

Hansjee, Bhauna [et al.] The survivor’s guide for candidate attorneys. – 3rd ed. Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485137689

Partial contents: Getting through the doors: your first days in a law firm - What will you be doing, Grasshopper? - You and your principal - Registering and ceding articles - You and your clients - You and counsel - Issuing, serving and filing - Applications and actions, practically speaking - Indexing and paginating demystified - The courts: what to do, where to go, and to whom you should speak - After judgment - Ethics, etiquette and administrative issues - Being admitted as an attorney

Price: R575.00

Persons and Family Law

Boezaart, Trynie. Law of persons. – 7th ed. – Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485137368

Law of Persons, now in its seventh edition, has become a standard text on the South African law of persons. The book was first published in 1995, just after the dawn of South Africa’s first democratic dispensation. The book constitutes a general and fully referenced source on the law of persons, and reflects the transformation of the law of persons in line with the values entrenched in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, with specific reference to the Bill of Rights. The book’s systematic approach and comprehensive overview make it suitable as a textbook.”

Price: R599.00

Risk Management

Büchling, M [et al.] Assurance, risk and governance: an international perspective. – 2nd ed. Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485131618

Partial contents: International Regulatory Environments for audit and assurance services – Codes of Professional Conduct – Laws and regulations – Money Laundering – Fraud and Error – Quality Control – Professional Liability – Client Acceptance and Continuance – Risk Assessment Procedures – Understanding the entity – Overall and assertion level risk – Response to risk – Group Audits – Reliance on others – Audit of estimates – Completion Activities – The audit report – Outsourcing – Internal audit – Other types of assurance – Performance indicators and the public sector – The future of audit.

Price: R451.00


Juta’s Indirect Tax. 2021 ed. Juta, 2021.

ISBN: 9781485137597

Publisher's summary: “This annual subscription is a consolidated source of current indirect tax Acts and their supplementary material. It includes relevant promulgated legislative amendments, as well as proposed amendments envisaged by the 2020 Amendment Bills, as at 1 January 2021.”

Price: R895.00

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