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SAIT Tax Compendium 2024 Vol 1 + (Vol 2 online) – Juta, 2024

Juta Law Editors, SAIT Tax Compendium 2024 Vol 1 + (Vol 2 online) – Juta, 2024

ISBN: 9781485150619


About this publication:


"Published annually, this invaluable two-part (Volumes 1 and 2) reference work provides the content and tools you need to negotiate the complex tax landscape with confidence. The 2024 edition incorporates all promulgated legislative changes, as well as amendments envisaged in the 2023 Amendment Bills, as at 1 January 2024. Juta’s Prelex and Pendlex present a comprehensive view of all tax legislation for enhanced legal research. The Other tax Acts (extracts) section includes extracts from earlier Amendment Acts that are still in operation, as well as the 2020 Covid-related Acts, as amended. A useful digest of tax cases from 2007 to 2023 is also included. Furthermore, the Tax in Practice aids allow readers to easily navigate content within the different tax Acts. All secondary legislation, as well as supplementary material such as SARS General and Practice Notes, SARS Interpretation Notes and Binding Rulings have been incorporated in Volume 2."

Price: R 2036.00 (VAT included, delivery excluded).

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Posted: 3 July 2024


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