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Hussain, Ismail. Trial advocacy: the art of persuasion. – LexisNexis, 2022 


ISBN: 9780639013039 (Print)


Publisher’s summary: “What is unique about this title:

  • It deals with trial technique from a judge's perspective.
  • Teaches you how to present in a virtual hearing and how to use technology to improve your presentation in court.
  • Teaches you how to present electronic documents and evidence sourced electronically.
  • Has interesting case studies that is used to explain court room technique.
  • It is a law publication that deals comprehensively with Voice and Pronunciation.
  • It deals with topics from vulnerable witnesses to difficult judges and from impossible witnesses to witness briefing.”


Contents include: Voice and pronunciation  ‒ Where does trial advocacy fit ‒ Understanding the adversarial system ‒ Case analysis ‒ Telling the story ‒ Preparation ‒ Obtaining instructions ‒ What about witnesses ‒ The balance of probabilities ‒ Opening statement ‒ The witness ‒ Witness briefing ‒ How judges weigh evidence ‒ What is the judge looking at? ‒ Leading your witness in chief ‒ What are the main objectives? ‒ Witness must be qualified ‒What is evidence in chief ‒ You want to be persuasive ‒ The question ‒ Managing the paper ‒ The digital era ‒ Types of questions ‒ The headline method ‒ The looping back method ‒ The closed question ‒ Repeating the answer ‒ Knowing your objective ‒ Know when to stop ‒ Communicating with the judge ‒ Exhibits and other visual evidence ‒ Case management ‒Collection of exhibits ‒ Court technique ‒ You are on your feet ‒ The necessary steps ‒ eDiscovery ‒Presenting electronic documents ‒ Expert witnesses ‒ Leading in chief ‒ The opinion ‒ Cross-examination ‒ Re-examination ‒ Visual aids and exhibits ‒ Communication and technology ‒ Electronic evidence  ‒ In Loco inspections ‒ Vulnerable witnesses ‒ Interpreters ‒ Presenting final argument ‒ On motion ‒ Unopposed motions ‒Opposed motion court ‒ Urgent applications ‒ Virtual hearings ‒ Performance anxiety ‒ Ethics for trial lawyers ‒ Digital assistance in court ‒ Training trial lawyers

Trial advocacy: the art of persuasion. (2022)

SKU: 9780639013039
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