Lexinfo CC Team 

Daphne Burger

Managing Member. Daphne created Lexinfo in 1987, and continues to grow the business and liaise with our clients. She specialises in the compilation of indexes. With 40 years of experience as a professional librarian, she has a passion for matching clients' information needs with relevant material available, especially books.

Adami Geldenhuys 

Manager: Information Services. The real backbone of the business, Adami is the hands-on manager for the creation of all our information services. Her background and experience gives her excellent insight into the information needs of our clients. Our guru has a wealth of knowledge!

Barry Burger

Information Services Specialist. Barry specialises in projects such as the identification of knowledge assets for local government; creation and maintenance of databases for specialised collections; compilation of some Alerting services; and (as the only man on the staff) provides a calming influence in the office.

Mariza van Wyk

Information Services Specialist. Mariza assists with the compilation of Alerting services. Our newest member of staff, she dazzles us with her creative know-how from her design background, in both our services and website.