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Christie, RH and Bradfield, GB. Christie’s The Law of Contract in South Africa. – 8th ed. – LexisNexis, 2022.


ISBN/ISSN: 9781776320486 (Print)


Publisher’s summary: “Originally published in 1981, Christie's Law of Contract in South Africa is well established as a leading authority in the field of contract law. It presents a thorough and complete exposition of the general principles of the law of contract as evolved and applied by the courts.

In the 8th Edition, the author has expanded on the case law references, both old and new, together with relevant commentary, to highlight and emphasize various aspects of contract law which have recently been raised in court. With the escalation in the number of companies choosing to opt for the "work from home" route in light of the pandemic, issues around electronic communication and electronic signatures are likely to have come to the fore. This is one of the chapters in the 8th edition that the author has given attention to with notes about the Global and Local Investments Advisors case and the Kretzmann v Kretzmann case which dealt with the right of pre-emption. Case law in the 8th Edition of Christie's Law of Contract has been updated significantly.”


Partial contents: Historical introduction – Agreement – Formalities – Conditional contracts – The terms of the contract – Parties to the contract – Misrepresentation and fraud – Duress and undue influence – Mistake – Performance – Variation and discharge – Mora and breach – Remedies for breach.

Christie’s The Law of Contract in South Africa (8e, 2022)

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