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Searle, Glenda. Pre-litigation drafting: legal opinions, demands and settlements. – 2nd ed. – Juta, 2021.


ISBN: 9781485138389


Summary provided by the publisher:  “The book is also of value to those who are new to the practice of law, and who seek guidance in preparing and planning legal documents that are written before litigation commences, such as opinions and letters of demand. Inspired by the UK Department of Justice ‘Pre-action Protocols’, the aim of the guidance is to provide a set of guiding principles for drafters to follow in writing documents that are effective in avoiding litigation. To this end the book now includes settlement agreements reached before summons is issued. The text applies these principles in a variety of hypothetical contexts”


Partial contents:


  • Planning: the key to effective writing
  • Addressing the needs of the target audience
  • Punctuation with a purpose
  • Analysis of legislative provisions: insightful legal reading is a prerequisite for effective legal writing
  • Writing an opinion … that is helpful to the client – Introduction to settlement agreements
  • Advice on quantum: ‘arriving at an award which accord(s) with previous awards in broadly similar cases’.

Pre-litigation drafting: legal opinions, demands and settlements. (2e, 2021)

SKU: 9781485138389
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