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Applied Construction: Health and Safety. – Juta, 2023.

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Haupt, T and Smallwood, J. Applied Construction: Health and Safety. – Juta, 2023.

ISBN: 9781485132974


STAGE 1: Project conception and initiation [Need for construction health and safety

Construction client brief – Construction H&S policy]

STAGE 2: Planning and design [Designing for construction H&S

Baseline risk assessment

Designer H&S specification

Design hazard identification and risk assessment

Designer report

STAGE 3: Pre-tender or pre-bid phase [Construction H&S specification]

STAGE 4 : Tender or bid phase [Pricing for construction H&S]

STAGE 5: Construction [Construction H&S management plan

Permit-to-work application

Hazard identification and risk assessment

Risk mitigation plan

Temporary works

Construction H&S method statement

Construction H&S induction

Construction H&S safe work procedures

Construction H&S toolbox talk outline

Construction H&S inspections and audit reports Construction H&S file

Scheduling for construction H&S

Multi-stakeholder construction H&S

Construction H&S supply chain management

STAGE 6 – Post-construction [Construction H&S closeout report]

Price: R458.00 including VAT, excluding delivery.

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Posted: 12 September 2023

Updated: 12 July 2024


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