• Adami Geldenhuys

Health Law Updates - May 2022

We share with you a selection of references on trending health law issues from the May 2022 editions of our weekly newsletter, the Lexinfo Health Law Alert.

Highlights from the Update include references to:

  • the World Health Organization’s report on the ‘Scope and impact of digital marketing strategies for promoting breastmilk substitutes’;

  • the proposed amendments to the Ethical Rules of Conduct for Health Practitioners;

  • a webinar recording on the ethics of refusing medical care to obese patients;

  • journal articles on

  1. medical negligence and cerebral palsy;

  2. the role of the Minister of Health in the National Health Insurance Bill; and

  • news on:

  1. the risks of treating someone you know; and

  2. the failure to perform a caesarean section in time.

View the full Lexinfo Health Law Update: A brief extract from the Weekly Lexinfo Health Law Alerts published during May 2022 below.

Health Law Update_Brief Extract from May2022 Health Law Alerts
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Date posted: 9 June 2022


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