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Infopack on Persons and Family Law for 2023

Updated: May 2

What is the 2023 InfoPack on Persons and Family Law?

  • A comprehensive research tool offering a convenient overview of legal information about persons and family law published during 2023.

  • A compilation of bibliographical references to authoritative 2023 legal resources that were previously featured in the Persons and Family Law section of the 2023 weekly editions of the Lexinfo Attorney Alert.

  • Packaged according to persons and family law-related subjects such as Adoptions, Divorce, Customary Marriages, Maintenance, Muslim Marriages, and Matrimonial Property.

  • Links to full-text documents where available in the public domain.

How can this product benefit your professional needs?

  • Saves research time and effort by providing a ready-made list of legal resources related to persons and family law, eliminating the need for individuals to conduct their own extensive research.

  • Access to up-to-date and relevant information without having to sift through multiple sources.

  • Provides a convenient overview of 2023 law.

To view the contents page and extract from the InfoPack, click below:


Price: R250.00

Price for existing Lexinfo Attorney Alert subscribers: R150.00

The InfoPack is available in PDF format sent to your email address.  All prices include VAT.

How to order:

Email to order.

A 2022 Persons and Family Law Infopack is also available. For more information, click here.


Date posted: 27 February 2024

Image design: Daniélle Geldenhuys

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