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Law Books on Trusts

Updated: Jan 10

The following publications are currently available on the law of South African trusts:

  1. De Waal, M; Solomon, P and Cameron, E. Honoré’s South African law of trusts. – 6th ed. – Juta, 2018.

  2. Du Toit, Francois; Smith, Bradley and Van der Linde, Anton. Fundamentals of South African trust law. – 2nd ed. – LexisNexis, 2023. (ISBN 9781776175963)

  3. Geach, WD. Trust law in South Africa. – Juta, 2017 (ISBN 9781485120315)

  4. Olivier, PA; Van den Berg, GPJ and Strydom, S. Trust law and practice – LexisNexis. Loose-leaf update. (ISBN 1300409119268)

  5. Pace, RP and Van Der Westhuizen, W. Wills and trusts. – LexisNexis. Loose-leaf update. (ISBN 060WILLSTRSYS)

  6. Paleker, M and De Waal, M (eds). South African law of succession and trusts: the past meeting the present and thoughts for the future. – Juta, 2014 (ISBN 9781485106487)

View more information on these publications in our Trusts Law Books list.

Contact or 082 690 8890 to order or for more information on content or price. Prices quoted are valid until 30 June 2023. Prices include VAT but exclude delivery.

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Updated: 10 January 2024


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