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NEW: Rautenbach – Malherbe Constitutional Law. – 8th ed. – LexisNexis, 2023.

Updated: Apr 23

Rautenbach, I.M. Rautenbach – Malherbe Constitutional Law. – 8th ed. – LexisNexis, 2023.

ISBN: 9781776177776

Partial contents:

  • Law, state and individual

  • Historical overview

  • Sources of constitutional law

  • Community of people: citizens and foreigners

  • Territory

  • Government authority

  • Legal system, legal personality, symbols and official languages

  • National legislative authority

  • National executive authority

  • Judicial authority

  • Provincial government

  • Local government

  • Application, interpretation, enforcement

  • Interpretation of legislation and development of common law and customary law

  • Protected persons and institutions

  • Duties and protected conduct and interests

  • Binding effect of the Bill of Rights

  • The limitation of rights

  • Equality

  • Human dignity: Life

  • Personal freedom and security: Slavery, servitude and forced labour: Movement

  • Privacy: Religion, belief and opinion

  • Expression, Assembly, Association, Political rights, Citizenship

  • Trade, occupation and profession, Labour: Environment: Property

  • Housing, health care, food, water and social security: Children: Education: Language and culture

  • Information: Administrative action

  • Access to courts: Criminal Procedure: The right to enforce the Bill of Rights.


Price: R1,416.00  including VAT, excluding delivery.


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Posted: 2 April 2024



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