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Property Regulation: an integrated approach under the Constitution. – Juta, 2022.

Updated: Jan 8

Van der Sijde, Elsabé. Property regulation: an integrated approach under the Constitution. – Juta, 2022.

ISBN: 9781485139898

Publisher’s summary: “Property Regulation: An integrated approach under the Constitution offers a principled and holistic methodology for resolving property disputes in South Africa. It sets out the constitutional relationship between different sources of law based on the application of the subsidiarity principles that give effect to the single-system-of-law imperative. Property Regulation critically reframes our understanding of the relationship between property rights and regulation and offers guidance regarding appropriate litigation pathways and adjudication frameworks for six different types of regulation. These include regulation stemming from legislation, the common law, customary law, administrative action, executive action, and direct constitutional regulation. These topics are dealt with in light of the socio-economic and political context of property in South Africa to show that property regulation is a powerful tool with which to achieve constitutional aims and objectives.


  • Rethinking the relationship between property and regulation

  • Common law and legislation as sources of property regulation

  • African customary law as a source of property regulation

  • Administrative action as a source of property regulation

  • Executive action as a source of property regulation

  • Direct constitutional regulation of property

Price: R1,097.00 including VAT, excluding delivery.

The publication can be ordered from the Lexinfo Book Supply Service by sending an email to Posted: 7 December 2022

Updated: 8 January 2024



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