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The Cybercrimes Act – 2nd edition

Updated: Jun 21

Cronje, F [et al.] The Cybercrimes Act. – 2nd ed. – Juta, 2022.

ISBN: 9781485138785

Publisher’s summary: “This edition of The Cybercrimes Act: What You Need to Know has been written by a panel of experts to prepare you for the cyber future. Stay ahead of the curve with this handy work which provides you with:

  • an accessible explanation of the far-reaching impact of the Cybercrimes Act together with other relevant legislation

  • answers to the 50 most important questions on cybercrime, other relevant legislation and the Act

  • specialist commentary and practical advice on information security and the Act

  • the full text of the Act and other relevant conventions.”

Price: R295 including VAT, excluding delivery. Price valid until 30 June 2024.

The publication can be ordered from the Lexinfo Book Supply Service by sending an email to

Updated: 3 July 2023



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