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A lawyer who never was. – Classic Age Publishing, 2020

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Nkhwashu, Nkateko. A lawyer who never was. – Classic Age Publishing, 2020.

Summary provided by the publisher:

A Lawyer Who Never Was seeks to give an unconventional and not-so-traditional view of the legal profession. It is aimed at people interested in pursuing a career in law including parents, high school-, university- and post-graduate students. Thus, most topics and discussions in the book captures issues which include early childhood development, career guidance, emerging trends, threats and opportunities as well as alternative opportunities which can be pursued within the profession. The reasoning behind this being the constant evolutionary nature of the profession as well as issues around technological advancements (and artificial intelligence amongst others to be precise.). All these are done while also sharing personal experiences of the author. The book seeks to shift away from the general perception which seeks to project a career in law as one simply comprising of traditional lawyers and advocates. It is in tune with some of the latest developments and discussions within the profession. It looks and analyses some of the implications of the changing regulatory landscape, key pieces of legislation and relevant discourse. Thus, it also looks at issues around the transformation debate and offers suggestions and advice as to how one can thrive within the profession. Most discussions within the book acknowledges and discuss some of the challenges) graduates face. These be it at university level or when trying to gain a footing within the professional environment and pursue a worthwhile and lasting career. The arguments raised are married to the current economic state of the country as well as some of the resultant high unemployment rate. Lastly, the book is an attempt at striping off and getting rid of some of the misconceptions associated with the legal profession.”

Price: R250 all inclusive (delivery via Paxi).

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Date posted: 22 February 2022


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