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Highlights from the June 2024 Law Practice Management Alert

A brief extract from the June 2024 edition of our monthly paid subscription service, the Lexinfo Law Practice Management Alert is now available.

What is the Lexinfo Law Practice Management Alert?

A successful law practice requires more than just legal knowledge and expertise. Business and management skills play a large role in your success. Our monthly newsletter, the Lexinfo Law Practice Management Alert focuses on the latest trends and developments in law practice management.

The newsletter is a compilation of carefully selected references from local and international resources.

Topics include artificial intelligence, business development, client relationships, financial management, human resources, leadership, legal design, libraries, knowledge management, marketing, strategy, succession planning, technology, time management, wellness, and other areas of interest.

Who should read the newsletter?

This newsletter is intended not only for legal professionals, but also for the legal support teams responsible for the day-to-day running of functions such as:

  • human resources,

  • knowledge management,

  • legal operations,

  • financial management,

  • marketing (including social media and website administration),

  • client relations,

  • information technology.

Read the Highlights of the June 2024 edition here.

Previous editions are available here:

2023 Archives of the Law Practice Management Alerts are available here below:

​ Contact for further details or a quotation.

Image design: Daniélle Geldenhuys

Date posted: 2 February 2023

Updated: 15 July 2024

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