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Recent legislative updates: 12-16 February 2024

Updated: Mar 12

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Sponsored Article: The Power of Realistic and Achievable Goals: A Blueprint for Success

By Valeske Kelly, Gideon Heyns and Caren Swanepoel, Directors and Managing Director of CSIP (Caren Swanepoel Industrial Psychologists), CSIP Heyns and CSIP Kelly. In this article, we will delve into the principles of setting realistic goals and how they can pave the way for meaningful and sustainable growth. Read more here.

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Attorney Alert: 12 February 2024

This week's edition contains references to the following Supreme Court of Appeal judgments: 


Also included are:

  • Practice Note 1 of 2024 published by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission on the Proof of Physical Address of Companies, and Close Corporations. (GN4356 GG 50105 p136 9Feb2024)

  • The Draft Second Amendment of the Immigration Regulations, 2014 published for comments by 29 March 2024. (GN4344 GG 50098 p3 8Feb2024)

  • The U.S.-South Africa Bilateral Relations Review Bill, introduced in the US House of Representatives, mandates a comprehensive review of the bilateral relationship between South Africa and the United States of America.


Journal articles, including:


Employment and Labour Law Alert: 12 February 2024

This week's edition contains references to judgments reported in the December 2023 edition of the Industrial Law Journal, as well as the following unreported judgments:


Insurance Law Alert: 13 February 2024

Tuesday's publication contains references to the following Council for Medical Schemes Appeals Committee rulings:


The following Financial Services Tribunal decision is also included:


A journal article entitled “Extending the right of social insurance to migrant domestic workers in South Africa” has been published in the latest edition of De Rebus and can be found here.  


Health Law Alert: 14 February 2024

Wednesday’s edition contains the latest news and commentary regarding the concerns over the high number of unemployed doctors in SA; the recall of various peanut butter brands over toxin fears; and the National Health Insurance Bill.


References to the following Council for Medical Schemes Appeals Committee rulings are also included:


Energy Law Alert: 15 February 2024

This week’s edition features the latest news and commentary regarding the Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill; illegal mining; the agreement to establish a Junior Mining Exploration Fund; and the Mining Indaba.


The following journal article is also included:



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Date posted: 16 February 2024


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