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Constitutional Law of the Republic of Namibia. – Juta, 2023.

Updated: Jan 8

Akweenda, S. Constitutional Law of the Republic of Namibia. – Juta, 2023.

ISBN: 9781485139300

Partial contents:

  • Historical Overview

  • Establishment of a State and founding principles

  • Principles of interpretation of the Constitution

  • National symbols, language and citizenship

  • The Executive

  • The Legislature: National Assembly

  • The Legislature

  • National Council

  • The Judiciary

  • Regional and local government

  • Attorney-General

  • Protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms, life and liberty

  • Human dignity, slavery, servitude and forced labour

  • Equality, freedom from discrimination, arrest and detention, fair trial, and privacy

  • Family, children’s rights, property, political activity, culture, and education

  • Fundamental freedoms and limitation upon them

  • Administrative justice

  • Enforcement of fundamental rights and freedoms

  • Apartheid and affirmative action

  • Derogation

  • The Ombudsman

  • Principles of State policy

  • Common law and customary law

  • The Prosecutor-General

  • Anti-corruption measures

  • Judicial Service Commission and Public Service Commission

  • The Electoral Commission

  • Security Commission, Defence Force, Police Force, Intelligence Service and Correctional Service

  • Provisions relating to international law

  • Law in force on date of independence, deeming provisions and transitional provisions

  • Finance

  • Central Bank and National Planning Commission

  • Public emergency, state of national defence and martial law

  • The Schedules of the Constitution

  • Repeal and amendment of the Constitution.

Price: R1,267 including VAT, excluding delivery.

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Posted: 29 May 2023

Updated: 8 January 2024


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