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Principles of Evidence. – 5th ed.

Updated: Jun 27

Schwikkard, PJ and Mosaka, TB. Principles of Evidence. – 5th ed. – Juta, 2023.

ISBN: 9781485140689


  • An introduction to the law of evidence

  • Basic concepts and distinctions

  • Sources of the law of evidence and the impact of constitutional provisions

  • The law of evidence and substantive law

  • Relevance and admissibility

  • Character evidence

  • Similar fact evidence

  • Opinion evidence

  • Previous consistent statements

  • Private privilege

  • State privilege (public interest immunity)

  • Unconstitutionally obtained evidence

  • Hearsay

  • A selection of common-law exceptions to the hearsay rule: a brief perspective

  • Selected statutory exceptions to the hearsay rule

  • Informal admissions

  • Confessions in criminal trials

  • Oral evidence – Real evidence

  • Documentary evidence

  • Electronic evidence

  • The competence and compellability of witnesses

  • The calling of witnesses

  • Refreshing the memory of a witness

  • Impeaching the credibility of a witness

  • Formal admissions

  • Judicial notice

  • Rebuttable presumptions of law

  • A constitutional perspective on statutory presumptions

  • The evaluation of evidence

  • The standard and burden of proof and evidentiary duties in criminal trials.

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Posted: 16 April 2023

Updated: 8 January 2024


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