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Employment and Labour Law Update: June 2024

We compile a weekly newsletter, the Lexinfo Employment and Labour Law Alert, to keep legal professionals up to date with the latest developments in South African employment and labour law. The weekly newsletter consists of more than 50 references per week to:

  • judgments handed down by the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Appeal, the Labour Appeal Court, Labour Court and a selection of High Court decisions;

  • practice directions from the Labour Appeal Court and Labour Court;

  • new publications;

  • government gazette notices,

  • Parliamentary Bills;

  • a selection of arbitration awards;

  • cases reported and summarised in specialised employment law reports and journals;

  • journal articles;

  • notifications of employment law-related events; and

  • a selection of media comments.

The following update contains a selection of references from the June 2024 issues of the Employment and Labour Law Alert.

Previous editions available here:

2023 editions available here:

Date posted: 22 September 2022

Updated: 2 July 2024

Image designed by Daniélle Geldenhuys

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