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Labour law: an introduction. – Juta, 2022.

Updated: Jan 8

Seedat, Saleem. Labour law: an introduction. – Juta, 2022.

ISBN: 9781485139270

About this publication : “How may an employer effect a dismissal that does not fall foul of the law? What is an unfair labour practice? How and when does an employer discipline an employee? How do you formulate charges? How do you prepare for an arbitration?

The answers to these and other questions can be found in this book, which aims to alert both employers and employees of their respective rights and how these rights can be enforced and protected.

This book is not an arid reflection on labour law. It is an attempt to initiate a sound understanding of the basic principles of labour law and to instil a practical approach to work-related issues. Any person, whether an employer or employee, who needs to understand labour issues without being burdened by esoteric legal principles will find this book helpful.”


  • Introduction to labour relations

  • Discipline and dismissals in the workplace

  • Dismissals

  • Temporary employees

  • Unfair labour practices

  • Dismissals for operational reasons

  • Transfer of a business

  • Strikes

  • Collective bargaining

  • Disciplinary action in the workplace

  • Formulation of charges

  • Disciplinary hearings

  • Dispute resolution

  • Preparing for a hearing

  • Techniques in the conduct of a hearing

  • Awards

  • Evidence

Price: R 437.00 including VAT, excluding delivery.

The publication can be ordered from the Lexinfo Book Supply Service by sending an email to

Posted: 13 November 2022

Updated: 8 January 2024

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